What We Do

CaringHands International is a start-up nonprofit organization that will capitalize on humankind’s potential to do good in the world. With an open heart and a strong moral, spiritual, and educational foundation, this international Organization strives to protect the most vulnerable members of society by ensuring that these individuals have access to housing, education, and care. The Organization will begin operations by working with orphaned children in the Caribbean; however, it will also provide housing and outreach to disadvantaged elderly individuals. Long-term, CHI intends to work with impoverished populations worldwide. But it will not stop there. CaringHands will honor its mission of sustainability by staying in touch with the children it helps. This will sustain the progress made by CaringHands over the child’s lifetime, thereby elevating its position as a multifaceted social agency.

While the exact number of orphans in Haiti is currently unknown, UNICEF estimated in 2007 that more than 380,000 children were parentless. “One quarter of Haiti’s vulnerable children have lost one or both parents,” reports Family Health International. “The remaining 900,000-plus are children in female-headed households, fostered children, children in institutions, children living in families with an HIV-positive adult, HIV-positive children, street children, child laborers and others … These children suffer higher rates of mortality and malnutrition. Fewer are immunized and many must drop out of school.

Infrastructure & Outreach

CHI will first purchase 25 to 50 acres of land in Haiti to build an orphanage and educational center for disadvantaged children. The Organization will create a welcoming facility that provides housing, educational training, psychosocial support, and medical care for disadvantaged children. CHI will create an environment that provides rigorous academic training, as well as facilitates social and emotional growth. This facility will serve not only its residents, but all members of the community through outreach, education, and social programs. Additionally, the Organization’s efforts will work to fulfill future civic and economic objectives by creating educated citizens who display a heightened sense of awareness.

CHI will provide the following services:


Devoted to strengthening communities, eliminating poverty, and providing assistance to those in need, CHI is proud to launch its first permanent facility in the Caribbean. CHI will not only provide housing for orphaned children, but will ultimately provide a facility that also functions as a community center able to support 250 to 300 children on a daily basis.

Crisis prevention

CHI will have a reliable crisis prevention center that can provide counseling, mentoring, and interventions for distressed children.


As the most important part of CHI’s mission, the Organization will provide onsite education for grades kindergarten through 12.


To ensure the health of all children, the facility will have an onsite clinic offering medical emergency assistance.

Onsite activities

In order to create well-rounded adults and encourage each child to reach his or her full potential, the Organization will offer different activities and resources.

Social interactions

Childrens residing with CaringHands International will learn how important it is to give back to their communities.


CHI will ensure that every children it's heard and has a response for every one of their doubts and problems.

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