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"You cannot be a skeptic for life."

Mother Teresa said:
“People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.
If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do well anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.
For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

When Marcson and I founded CaringHands International, Inc., the idea was to help children in distress in the Caribbean and worldwide. Our motive was to do everything it takes to make this one of the best and most regarded charitable organizations globally. At least in the West Indies. We founded CaringHands to care for orphan children or other children abandoned by their parents worldwide and in the Caribbean. Like Mother Teresa said, “the good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do well anyway.”
We founded CaringHands International, Inc. under that principle, and today I can say with assurance that this principle remains.

My friends, you can be skeptical about our motives and the reasons behind our organization. It is your right to be wary and doubtful about what we do and our intentions. I was a skeptic also. I was also doubtful when I was not part of a nonprofit organization just like you. I believed that people created these things to get rich from the poor and the needy. I thought that it was a scheme. I felt that the reason for a nonprofit like CaringHands International, Inc. was to make money, buy big homes on a private island, and buy expensive cars. I was a skeptic. A skeptic is someone who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual. You know what? Every one of us has the right to ask certain things. We have the right to question the motive behind what our neighbor is doing because we lack trust in each other as humans. I have no problem with a skeptic. However, I am no longer a skeptic. I am changed now.

Change is to make, transform, or convert. I am a convert, and I will tell you why. April 08, 2008, I went to Haiti, and when the airplane landed at around 10:00 a.m. I noticed something was wrong. After I passed immigration and worked to the main gate, I saw many young children right in front of the main entrance begging for money. I stopped to question a couple of them why they were not in school. One of those children answered, “I am an orphan, sir. I have no one to care for me.” He also said,” My mother died when I was five years old, and my father died when I was two years old.”

As a skeptic, I did what every other skeptic does at that time. I asked him do you have anybody else to care for you like an aunt or uncle. The boy replied,” I was living with my aunt, who is my mother’s younger sister, but she was mistreating me. I was a rest-avec.” I am sure you know what a rest-avec is, friend, opped to think about what I can do for him because his story touched me. Like every skeptic, I chose to believe that he was lying, and it was not worth my time listening to his problems; Even though I was the one in the first place to ask him such questions. I was not ready to hear the truth, friends. I gave them a couple of dollars and continue my trip. I had a great time with families and friends; I did not see for over 15 years.

A couple of years later, I went back to Haiti to visit friends and family. I saw the same scenario, children standing next to the airport’s main gate begging for a quarter or a dollar so they can have something to eat. I felt at that time, obligated to do something about it. I called my best friend Macson Lubin, told him about what I had observed, and asked him what his thoughts were about opening an orphanage to help the least that we can help. He happily responded positively to my request, and there came CaringHands International, Inc. I saw firsthand friends what poverty can do to children, especially those who do not have anyone to care for them after their parents passed. I am sure you heard lots of stories like this one, but there is a difference between that story and all of those stories you have heard. CaringHands International, Inc. is here to stay and serve those children with a purpose.

Mother Teresa said: “I am not sure exactly what heaven will be like, but I know that when we die, and it comes time for God to judge us, he will not ask, ‘How many good things have you done in your life?’ instead he will ask, ‘How much love did you put into what you did?” We have no large bank accounts, and our pockets are not that deep. However, there is one thing I know our heart is big and filled with love. I am not saying that to please you as my readers or entice you into giving to our cause. I am saying this because I can speak to the fact that we are pretty educated. We could have efficiently invested our time and effort into building the next fortune 500 company in America. I am sure, and there is no doubt about it, we can do it. However, we choose the usually rough route. It is not comfortable asking people for money, friends. I have experienced how hard it can be to ask others for their hard earn money. I have learned that the hard way from my father how hard it can be to take a penny or two from someone. I was just a little boy trying to please my sweetheart then. I cannot speak for everybody else who is currently part of this organization. I cannot guarantee you that those who are coming after us will be like us. Still, I assure you, as of right this moment, we are doing this out of love. There is absolutely no other intention and ulterior motive behind this organization, neither for its fame nor for what it can bring in financially. We are doing this out of love and compassion for those children I met four years ago at Haiti’s main airport gate.

Friends, in my opinion, the root cause of poverty is education or lack thereof. I believe in any society where knowledge is lacking; there will be no actual progress at all. In his reflections, Socrates said, “Can anything be better for a country than to produce men and women of the best type?” Whenever a society lacks a well-balanced education system, it is going to fail. Our vision is to empower the poorest of the poor among the children orphan in our organization for a better tomorrow. Challenge them to become productive and responsible citizens in their respective communities. The vision is the right one, and we believe it is achievable, friends. If anyone of us is asking you for donations or asking you to support us financially, it will not make your life miserable. Still, to make our world a better one for the children to take over after we depart from this world, we all love. Please support us with your heartfelt love and the utmost joy because if you do not give with love, your giving is in vain.
A supporter gave us a backpack with lots of school supplies, and she said,” that is all I have. I wish that I can give more.” I told her it is not how much you give. It is not what you share how you give it. Do you provide it with love, or do you give it because you felt that you are pin against the wall you have to do it? My friends, giving these days, can be very tricky because there are so many organizations out there asking you to give to their cause, and often they mismanaged your giving. We are not saying that we are perfect at all. However, I can tell you that I have been a skeptic just like you. After seeing what poverty can do to people who are just like us, I had a change of heart. I hope that can be the same for you too.
Friends, I am not asking you to give us what you do not have. I am not telling you that you have to donate anything to us or any other organization out there for that matter, but please take a minute and think about those who cannot live the life leave right now. Please take a second and think about the homeless young people with no one to care for them. If you are a believer, pray to your God so he can guide you if it is right to donate to any organization or CaringHands International, Inc. at all. If you do not believe in anything, please look around you and see it for yourself. After all, look into your conscience and ask yourself if it is not a moral obligation to help those in need. All of us cannot open an orphanage, friends, but all of us can support those who take the initiative to do so. Please, at this time of giving, consider donating a backpack with school supplies to those children in Haiti. Please, consider donating a couple of dollars to provide those children the opportunity to get an education. Please consider supporting our movement to build a world-class training center in Haiti, which will offer the most vulnerable the opportunity to get valuable knowledge, learn a trade that they can take with them for life.
Thank you if you already donated to a nonprofit organization before. Thank you if you are thinking of supporting a nonprofit organization, and thank you very much for supporting CaringHands International, Inc.
Friends, if you are interested in supporting CaringHands International, Inc., please address your contributions to help us at CaringHands International, Inc. P.O. Box 8412, Coral Springs, FL 33075.

Diner Aldeus

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