Summary of Services

2 years ago

CaringHands International is a start-up nonprofit organization that will capitalize on humankind’s potential to do good in the world. With an open heart and a strong moral, spiritual, and educational foundation, this international Organization strives to protect the most vulnerable members of society by ensuring that these individuals have access to housing, education, and care. The Organization will begin operations by working with orphaned children in the Caribbean; however, it will also provide housing and outreach to disadvantaged elderly individuals. Long-term, CHI intends to work with impoverished populations worldwide. But it won’t stop there. 

CaringHands will honor its mission of sustainability by staying in touch with the children it helps. This will sustain the progress made by CaringHands over the child’s lifetime, thereby elevating its position as a multifaceted social agency. While the exact number of orphans in Haiti is currently unknown, UNICEF estimated in 2007 that more than 380,000 children were parentless. “One quarter of Haiti’s vulnerable children have lost one or both parents,” reports Family Health International. “The remaining 900,000-plus are children in female-headed households, fostered children, children in institutions, children living in families with an HIV-positive adult, HIV-positive children, street children, child laborers and others … These children suffer higher rates of mortality and malnutrition. Fewer are immunized and many must drop out of school.”