Infrastructure and outreach

1 year ago

CHI will first purchase 25 to 50 acres of land in Haiti to build an orphanage and educational center for disadvantaged children. The Organization will create a welcoming facility that provides housing, educational training, psychosocial support, and medical care for disadvantaged children. CHI will create an environment that provides rigorous academic training, as well as facilitates social and emotional growth. This facility will serve not only its residents, but all members of the community through outreach, education, and social programs. Additionally, the Organization’s efforts will work to fulfill future civic and economic objectives by creating educated citizens who display a heightened sense of awareness. 

CHI will provide the following services:

  • Food and nutrition support-Protective shelter
  • Clothing
  • Protection from abuse
  • Health care
  • Psychological support
  • Developmental support
  • Education and vocational training