Executive Summary

2 years ago

Approximately 153 million children worldwide are orphans. The tremendous loss of nearly an entire generation of parents has left many children without proper care and education. CaringHands International, Inc. (also referred to as “CHI” and “the Organization”) is a start-up nonprofit that will provide support, care, and education to underprivileged and orphaned children from around the world. The Organization will carefully work to fulfill the basic needs and rights of  mpoverished individuals. CHI will begin by working with children in the Caribbean, before expanding operations to work with disadvantaged children and elderly worldwide. Within the next five years, CHI aims to build the world’s largest permanent structure that provides high-quality education and housing to children in need. Crucial to its goals is the sustainability of its efforts, which involves providing ongoing lifelong support to society’s most vulnerable members. The plight of disease, widespread poverty, and the devastation from natural disasters has left many children parentless. In the Caribbean and Latin America, approximately 5% of children are orphaned. In Haiti, where CaringHands International will operate, there are 380,000 children under the age of 18 who are considered  orphans. The Organization will work within this population, and will ultimately target individuals who are impoverished and who may not have equal opportunities for education, socialization, or community-building. CaringHands International will face indirect competition from existing charities and orphanages; however, few of these institutions will match the Organization’s dedication and large-scale operations. 

CaringHands International will engage in a variety of promotional tactics to spread awareness of its mission and attract donors. The Organization’s initial fundraising strategy will include direct mail, targeted internet advertising, email blasts, flyer distribution, a comprehensive website, and active use of social media. CaringHands International will also host frequent fundraising drives and events. Furthermore, the Organization expects increased donations and support as a result of positive word of mouth. Through these methods, CaringHands International intends to develop a strong reputation and identify itself as a trusted provider of comprehensive care for orphaned and disadvantaged children. 

Diner Aldeus and Marcson Lubin will operate the Organization as Secretary and President, respectively. Mr. Aldeus is an accomplished member of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, and is also a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. A dedicated team player with a long history in successful service and support roles, he boasts supervisory experience as well as strong clerical and computer aptitudes. Mr. Lubin is the co-founder of CaringHands International, and oversees day-to-day operations. He is an experienced Worship Pastor who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Liberty University. He also brings an Associate’s degree in Computer Sciences from Union College, as well as a Diploma in Business Administration. The Organization’s principals are joined by Dr. Caleb Occeas, Alejandro Moreno, Abraham Destin, Gary Pierre, and Wilrick Aldeus who will comprise the remainder of the executive team.