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The nonprofit sector has long been a force for good around the world. Nonprofit organizations help to shelter the homeless, mentor young people, advocate for those less able to do so, provide work force training to the displaced, protect animals, conserve our natural resources, and enrich our lives through the arts. We are a people of passion, daring, tenacity and optimism. Nonprofits provide exceptional services when they are needed most. Now is one of those times.

In March 2010, after a powerful earthquake destroyed parts of Haiti, we decided to help in every way possible because we believe as citizens of the world it is our duty to do what it takes to support our brothers and sisters in times of needs. Therefore, after years of waiting, years of planning, and years of hard work we present to you CaringHands International, Inc. and www.caringhandsinternational.org. A nonprofit organization implemented exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Specially, this organization has been formed to provide relief to the poor, distressed and under privileged and advance education in some of the most impoverish parts of the world today.

Nonprofit organizations clearly need financial supports to carry on their missions; unfortunately, our organization is not an exception to the rule. Therefore, as you choose to donate to different organizations out there, we encourage you to consider a generous gift to CaringHands International, Inc. so we can continue supporting those who are the most vulnerable among us.

To further our goals in making this organization a success we came up with several different ways you can donate to support our cause, and this website is one of several avenues initiate to realize that goal.

The site offers resources for wise giving, such as a link to “Check the Charity,” tips from the Better Business Bureau, highlights of tax benefits that may be available to you, and an overview of what to look for when reviewing financial and program information about nonprofits.

By supporting the nonprofit sector, you are investing in a better quality of life for all of us. You are joining together with thousands of other people around the world, to really make a difference. Thank you for doing your part to make a more generous world and thank you for taking the opportunity to visit with CaringHands International, Inc. We hope that you will come often to support our goals in leaving a better world for our children and grandchildren.


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