Infrastructure &

CHI will first purchase 25 to 50 acres of land in Haiti to build an orphanage and educational center for disadvantaged children. The Organization will create a welcoming facility that provides housing, educational training, psychosocial support…

Our Core Values


Physical presence implies reaching out and forming genuine connections.


Transcending education, role models are needed for children to look up to and learn from.


Physical presence coupled with the right training will bring about transformation.

No Reaching, No Training,
No Transformation.


Devoted to strengthening communities, eliminating poverty, and providing assistance to those in need, CHI is proud to launch its first permanent facility in the Caribbean. CHI will not only provide housing for orphaned children, but will ultimately provide a facility that also functions as a community center able to support 250 to 300 children on a daily basis.

Crisis prevention

CHI will have a reliable crisis prevention center that can provide counseling, mentoring, and interventions for distressed children.


As the most important part of CHI’s mission, the Organization will provide onsite education for grades kindergarten through 12.

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To ensure the health of all children, the facility will have an onsite clinic offering medical emergency assistance.

Onsite activities

In order to create well-rounded adults and encourage each child to reach his or her full potential, the Organization will offer different activities and resources.

Social interactions

Childrens residing with CaringHands International will learn how important it is to give back to their communities.


CHI will ensure that every children it's heard and has a response for every one of their doubts and problems.

Strategy and Implementation

CaringHands International will emphasize its dedication to providing safe and consistent shelter, care, and vital services to children in need. The Organization will also underscore its compassionate and experienced staff members, and will highlight its overall goal of enriching children’s lives to ensure they have the brightest possible future.

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Approximately 153 million children worldwide are orphans. The tremendous loss of nearly an entire generation of parents has left many children without proper care and education.

Our Management

CaringHands International intends to develop a strong reputation and identify itself as a trusted provider of comprehensive care for orphaned and disadvantaged children.
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